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Yance Naturals CBD Oil for Pets is a top seller! Dogs and Cats alike we know our pets need relief too! Customers have seen improvement in anxiety in their furry friends as well as mood stabilization, pain reduction, reduced seizure activity and more! Our CBD Oil for Pets in Chicken Flavor is so delicious your pet will see it as a true treat!


Yance Naturals Balm in Unscented, Grapefruit and Lavender is made with only the finest ingredients available using only natural fragrances. We don't skimp when it comes to skin, it's your largest organ and must be cared for appropriately. This is the perfect aid for CBD consumers who are looking for a topical agent to apply to their ailments. This recipe is firmer than our facial serum you will find that it rubs in smooth and creates a barrier for your skin allowing it to stay on and last!

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Healthy, Happy and Focused


Our venture began over 10 years ago as we searched for a healthier life, free of a synthetic short-term solution for our health. We finally found it in CBD, it has worked for our own family's health and now we are thrilled to be able to share it with you and your family.

Together we can achieve a healthy, happy life.


All our plants have been responsibly cared for throughout their whole lifetime, from the soil they were sown in, all the way to the on-site spring water they are nourished with.

As a family, we take pride in our organically grown plants. We are convinced it's the only option when it comes to the ingredients in the products supplementing your health.



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