Customer Testimonials

Best CBD Products For Arthritis

"I started using CBD Balm for Arthritis in my hands. I was surprised when I started waking up with no pain! I've gained full functionality back in my grip since using Yance Naturals CBD. I wish I would have gotten on the CBD train sooner!"

William Nichols, Age 76

"My anxiety was so bad after going through a traumatic experience in my life several years ago. Using CBD has given me the strength to come back out of my shell and I feel more at ease in social settings. I love the drops but the Yance Naturals spray is convenient for when I am out and about! The taste is the best out of the other brands I have tried in the past."

Daniella Sides, Age 34

Best CBD Products for Anxiety
Best CBD Products for Stress and Anxiousness

"I started using CBD for stress and anxiousness. As a Mom I noticed I was allowing stress to mentally and physically drain me. Once I stepped back and tried using Cannabinoids as a supplement I was surprised at how calm and focused I was. Functionality came back into my day to day life and I now am a firm believer that CBD works! It took me a little while to find the dosage that was right for me but I started small and dosed up and eventually found my happy medium."

Jessica Tull, Age 45

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